IPv4 Sale

This service allows transfer the block of IPv4addresses from our LIR to your LIR.


As part of this service the block of addresses IP ALLOCATED PA is being transferred from our LIR to your LIR.

The resulting block will be the same as if it were obtained directly from the RIPE NCC.

Special aspects

Consider the following before ordering services:

If you have any doubt, we recommend contacting us. We will advise you on all issues.


There are two payment options: full or partial prepayment. The prepayment amount is subject to negotiation with the client. The total cost of the service does not depend on the payment option.

Subnet mask

Fee (one-time)


 8 000 USD


 16 000 USD

The above rates include all taxes paid by our company. Payment is made by bank transfer.


You can leave an application or ask a question on the feedback page.