IPv4 Support

This service allows you to have your own IPv4 address block. So you are allowed to connect to multiple providers simultaneously and to determine the routing policy independently.


As part of the service the existing IP address block ASSIGNED PI is transferred from another LIR and further support of this block is provided.

After the transfer of the block, you will be the owner of the addresses. Only supporting LIR will be changed.

Since September 14, 2012 RIPE NCC no longer register new IPv4 addresses ASSIGNED PI due to the lack of the address space.

Special aspects

Consider the following before ordering services:

According to the rules of RIPE NCC the use of addresses ASSIGNED PI is possible only for your own infrastructure.

We also recommend you to get to know with address rental.
If you have any doubt, we recommend contacting us. We will advise you on all issues.


The cost of services is formed of two parts: a one-time fee for transfer, and the annual fee for support. The amount of one-time fee does not include the annual fee.


Fee (one-time)

Fee (annual)

 IPv4 transfer

 39 $


 IPv4 Support


 46 $

The above rates include all taxes paid by our company. Payment is made by bank transfer. The service providing period is always in years.


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