IPv6 Rental

This service allows you to get a block of IPv6 addresses of the pool of our company.


As part of this service the block of addresses IPv6 ALLOCATED-BY-RIR is provided from the pool of our company, as well as further support of the block.

You can announce these addresses from any autonomous system. You will get full access to creation and modification of such objects as routedomain and inet6num in the database of RIPE NCC.

Special aspects

Consider the following before ordering services:

If you have any doubt, we recommend contacting us. We will advise you on all issues.


The cost of services is formed of two parts: a one-time fee for registration, and the annual fee for support. The amount of one-time fee does not includethe annual fee.


Fee (one-time)

Fee (annual)

 IPv6 Registration

 50 USD


 IPv6 Support


 350 USD

The above rates include all taxes paid by our company. Payment is made by bank transfer. The service providing period is always in years.


You can leave an application or ask a question on the feedback page.